Louise and The Feathers is a creation after years of writing, jamming and finally wanting to share my folk, indie, slight rap tap vibe with influences from Florence and The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Amy McDonald, Tina Turner, Hazel O’Connor and Fleetwood Mac to name a few. Travelled and gigged various places with new EP ‘Reflection’ finally out this year!

‘Window View’
EP (2019) links the idea of looking out and imagining a dream, but can’t quite reach it. For me this was the creation and sharing of songs, which finally felt ready to do. The tree then adds an idea of deep roots, steady growth and branches (aka paths leading to various connections, locations and opportunities). Currently with the leaves fallen adding to the soil more knowledge and strength for further progress.

Up next ‘Reflection’!
Cover picture incorporating the mirror or not? Hermmm. Ahaa