Reflection and motivation

With this year beginning with another stint of what felt like hibernation, I (like many) found it hard to get motivated with future plan plans. So instead I got lost in some chilled creativity, by putting people’s ideas on paper, making bracelets, going for random ganders and jamming new future material. It has been relaxing, assisting with reflection, but have been edging to get on the recording and playing live again!

Come March an opportunity arose to join a chat with all volunteers hoping to assist RadioAber, making me want to get some podcasts and live chat sessions together, but no real luck as little motivation and information to talk about in the current times. Thankfully though, I got to join a couple online open mic nights with The Lighted Stage Music Events where felt the creative buzz again! Where since have steadily uploaded some original songs, recorded live to YouTube, with the aim to do sneak peaks of future tracks.

I then decided to undertake a webinar event with Princes Trust to learn about ways of utilising online to gain traction, within the music industry, which was a real eye opener. Following which, had the chance to do a podcast with Sam Quill to test recording of conversations, but still no real traction, so will be on hold for the time being. Things opening up again though and the ROBOTMONKEYS up for jamming, I finally bought a new drumkit! Since which, we managed to get up North for some recording and are now sharing them steadily. Alongside this I was back at work in Debenhams with the countdown to closure on the 2nd May. Strange times!

Now mid way through 2021, reality has kicked in. I crave to earn a living from music some how or another, over it being on the side lines. So impatiently awaiting for gigs and festivals to go ahead, I have got another live film ‘Come Back’ on YouTube and undertook the opportunity to work with Rock Project Aberystwyth, helping youngsters with vocal warm ups and singing live. Am now feeling real hope that live music events of some sort will be back one way or another, but in the meantime am buzzing as have started recording at Sweet Spot Studio Cardiff. YES there is new material on the way with extra layers, I just can’t wait!
To keep in the know, pop your email below and I will say hello. #rhymes #aha
Thanks for all the feathery support.

Emily Louise at LaTF

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Published by Emily Louise

Singer/ songwriter and more at Louise and The Feathers! On the side I like to book gigs, share event/ artist latest happenings via Rewired Music and occasionally bash drums with robotmonkeys.

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