Much awaited update…

“Has been an amazing summer, with numerous gigs including Sloppy Joes, HaverHub, Landed Fest up North, Gelli Aur Country Park supporting The Meadows and The Asylum in Birmingham supporting Conor Michael! Overall making the urge to get further afield stronger than ever, with recordings closer to sharing and ideally a band to actually perform with. One day. 🤞

Blimey wrote that last year…. Yep summer 2021, how is it now November 2022? Time has just flown by, but greatly so, as have been busier in the closer to norm days. Managed to get booked for many more gigs including Little Cwtch Camping, Camper Site, YHA Broadhaven supporting Goodnight Vincent, Yeoman, Camper Jam, St Cannas, Narberth Food Fest and more! Plus continued with Rock Project till Summer and have collaborated with Christopher Laughton testing some duo choices at a few open mic nights. All of which has been a real eye opener, making me crave all the more creativity and travels!

So am all the more excited to see what the next year will bring, especially with recordings having progressed too. I made the time to practice drums and got them laid down to demo guitar and click track, which I could then add official acoustic guitar to much easier! Has taken longer than originally thought as had to get to Cardiff around work, practicing, gigs and sleep, but getting much closer now 2 years on. 😂 Up next is bass additions, with the hope to then get electric guitar and saxophone layers down. Followed by me adding the official vocals, before it all gets mixed and mastered, being ready to share! Saying which, I must get on the marketing prep, merch and book some tour venues ahead.

Reminiscing about how I debated moving to Bristol again in 2019, come October I had to have a sneak, peak, week hunting around (17th – 21st). Staying at The Full Moon Hostel I was close to the city, so could roam around probably doing 30,000+ steps. Saw the various areas, blues jazz music styles, aweseome venues (including Stag and Hounds, The Old Duke, The Cloak and Dagger YooKoo at South Bank Club) and more, with welcoming people, so will defo go back again.

November now round I am actually exploring 9 locations (well 10 if we count seeing a friend in Worchester ahaa), so know where like and am more at ease when do tour touring next year. Feels great getting back on the blog while doing so, starting at first place Wrexham. No open mics unfortunately, but spotted numerous venues including The Rolling Chair, Magic Dragon Brewery, The Parish and Old No7, so will keep an eye on them. Had to get my scalf and hat on as not quite warmist time for outdoors, but yeah that, layers and tea, all good in the hood. 😂 Now still enjoying the Chester with Liverpool up next!

Thanks for feathery support. Louise

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Published by Emily Louise

Singer/ songwriter and more at Louise and The Feathers! On the side I like to book gigs, share event/ artist latest happenings via Rewired Music and occasionally bash drums with robotmonkeys.

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