Half of the music hunt explore.

Once done roaming Wrexham, was over at the Chester and saw old style shops, historical buildings and where the music was at. Firstly tried out Alexander’s (hosted by Minor Key Comedy), where a couple of people said they enjoyed ‘Darkness’, a real oldie, soon to be out. Awesome! Next night, after a nearby hostel walk, I tried out The Saddle (with Berni), which did debate staying at ironically. It has an ace old school rock feel to it, with different sectioned of areas to sit and a pool table room. Ended up playing a game with a couple lads I met, during which they kept suggesting I do a cover, so tried out Paolo Nutini, going down really well. He is a true influence, so will have to re-learn Iron Man!

Two days flying by, checked out and on the road again. I stopped off for scenery hunt at Birkenhead, which confirmed my reason for loving nature and fresh air. Is wonderful to know said places are being kept beautiful and being used!

Once gone 3pm am over at the YHA Liverpool Albert Dock Hostel all parked up, room sorted and stuff out the car. All refreshed, I then cooked and while eating debated which open mic to try out. Went for Lost in Lark Lane a small drive away, but thought be interesting, so over and get a brew. After presenter played I go up and play to two people before other musicians finally turned up (8.30ish). I wasn’t really feeling it, so dashed to one originally thought of, Jimmy’s! Time taken getting back, parking at hostel and walking over I was late on the list, but had chance to see and chat with other musicians. Finally, gone 11pm, setting up my strap unattatches when I adjust the microphone, dropping the guitar and breaking the input. I was lucky they had a second microphone to get more sound and managed to wing it, but definitely realised best to take time no matter in the future. The next day tried to get it fixed, but it takes up to 3 weeks for part to arrive let alone then be fitted. Bummer! Never mind, I will get it sorted when back home. After some lunch, roamed the Albert Dock way where saw some amazing historical buildings and statues. There were mentions of The Beatles left right and centre, which is fair as they were great for their time, but I really wanted to find out about the local original musicians. So research and hunt the city I shall.

Come night time with no open mics on, I roamed passing a busker beat boxer and what felt like hundreds of pubs, with all sorts of covers being played live and loud, one with two people another with thirty. One with girl playing something more original was great and Ma Egertons again true history. More gander came across Erics next to the all famous Cavern Club. Debated nipping in, but couldn’t quite work out if they had up and coming original artists or cover entertainment on, so passed.

Saturday did more roaming and found HMV had a live showcase on when passing, which was okay and Liverpool Arts Bar jumped out a few times so one to keep an eye on. Once chilled there was an open mic at Peacock cafe, but again a bit far out, I debated drive, walk or bus. Going with the later, headed over to stop found, realising last minute it had been cancelled, so decided to do more walking instead. Ironically Cancer Research Shine Night walkers were passing on their mission, so joined them for 15mins. Great to see, then venturing off on different route, I heading out of the city, seeing more beautiful brick buildings, but realise 45mins still to go by which time over probably be too late for a slot, so decided to turn back.

All packed and on the map I find a stop off at Sefton Park with lakes and a brew, before night stay at Warrington, which was a much needed breather from all the hustle and bustle of the city and hostel sharing. After a nap, nipped to the near Waterside Pub for a Sunday roast, before open mic at Hop Co (ran by Amy Rose), a nice venue, with welcoming, chilled atmosphere and ironically someone who had also played on The Lighted Stage open mic during lockdown.

Manchester next on the list, I stopped off at Buile Hill on route. It wasn’t quite as lake orientated, but still a lovely bit of nature, with work being done on the mansion! It be amazing to go back and see when finished.

Finally over at another YHA getting room and stuff all sorted really easy once again. Brief rest and refuel, before heading over to Flour & Flagon (with Michael Webster) arriving just before the rain. This was 7.40pm though, so not able to get on list until around 10.30pm, meaning sign up at 7pm actually followed. Did see some great musicians though, including featured Daniel Darley and Greg Larkin with his amazing guitar patterns, then when played receiving nice feedback. Tuesday I was a bit torn again, but finally decided on The Whiskey Jar, which blew me away! A truly amazing venue with incredible talent, feeling more like a gig in some ways, so no surprise fully booked. Presenter encouraging the audience to listen and give the artists playing the attention deserved, which is fair really when think how much is put in to the material, let alone the motivation to then share on stage. Either way is definitely one to try and book a slot at when ‘Reflection’ EP is out.

This makes it the half way point, even with small hick ups and loads of steps I am so glad to have the chance to do this, seeing some wonderful history and great variety of musicians. While gaining confidence, venue ideas and more.

Thanks Louise


Published by Emily Louise

Singer/ songwriter and more at Louise and The Feathers! On the side I like to book gigs, share event/ artist latest happenings via Rewired Music and occasionally bash drums with robotmonkeys.

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