Songs becoming songs

Songs are still in the process of finalising, 2 yrs on, somehow time flown. Click track and guitar demo laid down in 2021, but realised I needed to spend more time practicing guitar and drums to make sure in time with click tracks never used before. I have always loved tapping even in French lessons, so was really glad to then lay down the beat I felt. By March 2022 all songs ready to get bass additions, so asked a mate (who wrote Mill Pond) to give it a try yet after a few months, realised he just too busy, so needed a change of plan. Andie asked his band member who could thankfully nail stuff in Nov while I was on my 3 week explore, so got a step closer. Next aim was to get some extra guitar down, which we initially aimed to do in Dec, but got snowed in. So once again had to wait, till late Jan where Nat was on it and added her brilliant additions!! I got to take time to roam Cardiff too so finally visited the Ikea for a bit, before library adding to blog. Ahaa.

Around this debated getting another job, but instead choose to use savings, as can then take the time to focus on the business side, updating online stuff, researching merch, funding, gig venues and planning single shares for later in the year. Also looking forward to adding vocals, I had the idea to share some covers on YouTube, but never guess what? I got another cold with chesty cough, sore throat so have had to rest, with hope to get voice back to its true strength soon! Yeah lots of delays, patience getting all the more tested, but excited to get on it with gig 1st April (The Vault Carmarthen) and aim to upload a single in JUNE. Thinking of this have drawn up some ideas for ‘Fight It’ artwork, incorporating maze, love, fear and debating. So many choices and will need to decide whether paint, graphic or stick as doodle.

Thanks for reading, up next lyrics, layers and vocals.
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Published by Emily Louise

Singer/ songwriter and more at Louise and The Feathers! On the side I like to book gigs, share event/ artist latest happenings via Rewired Music and occasionally bash drums with robotmonkeys.

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