Louise and The Feathers is a creation after years of writing, jamming and finally wanting to share, with folk, pop, rock influences from various artists including Florence and The Machine, London Grammar, Paolo Nutini, Hazel O’Connor, Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac, The Pierces and more.

From Birmingham originally, we moved to Mid Wales when I was 9 and have been writing ever since. Have played in a variety of bands and at numerous open mic nights. Then revisiting early written originals (in 2017), I decided to start a fresh using my middle name “Louise” representing the roots of my music passion, alongside “and the feathers” linking to spiritual perspectives, a love of nature and the hope to fly sharing feathers of inspiration.

To test the water I shared a Demo EP, which had recorded at home, alongside going to numerous more open mic nights, where had great support. Since which went to Aberystwyth Music Studio where Ivan Anchant (and Andy Lloyd Williams on bass) recorded the next 5 songs incorporating a folk, pop and a slight rap tap vibe. The first single ‘Mistress’ was uploaded in 2018, telling a story of a twisted mystery revealed and has a future sequel in my lyric book. Aha. Since this I have managed to do even more open mic nights and various gigs including Pembs Fest, Cardigan River and Food Festival and Aberystwyth Sea2Shore Festival, Cwmaman Fest and have got 4 more tracks recorded including ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About’ and ‘Come Back’, ‘Faded Away’ and ‘Rich Tea Biscuit’ all on Window View EP!

fan July 2019

“Using my middle name, representing the root of passion for music and words. Now with the aim, to create songs that share like tweeting birds. Opening the cage, showcasing the rage, for all to engage, hopefully creating a fan base of feathery herds.”

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THANKS MUCHLY for being a feathery fan! Hope to see ya soon.

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