Belated second half of November explore update!

Mid way still at the Manchester it felt strange as sort of flown yet been ages with so much to take in. I did some more roaming and finally got some spare PJ’s at Aldi, of all places, for £3.90. What a bargain! Still debating which open mic to do feeling torn between Lions DenContinue reading “Belated second half of November explore update!”

Half of the music hunt explore.

Once done roaming Wrexham, was over at the Chester and saw old style shops, historical buildings and where the music was at. Firstly tried out Alexander’s (hosted by Minor Key Comedy), where a couple of people said they enjoyed ‘Darkness’, a real oldie, soon to be out. Awesome! Next night, after a nearby hostel walk,Continue reading “Half of the music hunt explore.”

Much awaited update…

“Has been an amazing summer, with numerous gigs including Sloppy Joes, HaverHub, Landed Fest up North, Gelli Aur Country Park supporting The Meadows and The Asylum in Birmingham supporting Conor Michael! Overall making the urge to get further afield stronger than ever, with recordings closer to sharing and ideally a band to actually perform with.Continue reading “Much awaited update…”

Reflection and motivation

With this year beginning with another stint of what felt like hibernation, I (like many) found it hard to get motivated with future plan plans. So instead I got lost in some chilled creativity, by putting people’s ideas on paper, making bracelets, going for random ganders and jamming new future material. It has been relaxing,Continue reading “Reflection and motivation”

Since the crowdfund.

Blimey time has flown since doing the crowdfund in March, even with all the restrictions. What an odd year ey? I’m still very THANKFUL to all that helped out with sharing, liking and/or investing to get the £150 raised! I know I didn’t get to my bold target of £800, but this doesn’t mean theContinue reading “Since the crowdfund.”