Songs becoming songs

Songs are still in the process of finalising, 2 yrs on, somehow time flown. Click track and guitar demo laid down in 2021, but realised I needed to spend more time practicing guitar and drums to make sure in time with click tracks never used before. I have always loved tapping even in French lessons, so was really glad to then lay down the beat I felt. By March 2022 all songs ready to get bass additions, so asked a mate (who wrote Mill Pond) to give it a try yet after a few months, realised he just too busy, so needed a change of plan. Andie asked his band member who could thankfully nail stuff in Nov while I was on my 3 week explore, so got a step closer. Next aim was to get some extra guitar down, which we initially aimed to do in Dec, but got snowed in. So once again had to wait, till late Jan where Nat was on it and added her brilliant additions!! I got to take time to roam Cardiff too so finally visited the Ikea for a bit, before library adding to blog. Ahaa.

Around this debated getting another job, but instead choose to use savings, as can then take the time to focus on the business side, updating online stuff, researching merch, funding, gig venues and planning single shares for later in the year. Also looking forward to adding vocals, I had the idea to share some covers on YouTube, but never guess what? I got another cold with chesty cough, sore throat so have had to rest, with hope to get voice back to its true strength soon! Yeah lots of delays, patience getting all the more tested, but excited to get on it with gig 1st April (The Vault Carmarthen) and aim to upload a single in JUNE. Thinking of this have drawn up some ideas for ‘Fight It’ artwork, incorporating maze, love, fear and debating. So many choices and will need to decide whether paint, graphic or stick as doodle.

Thanks for reading, up next lyrics, layers and vocals.
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What is okay for one may be harder for another.


Been a while since got back from travels (November explore) and have had the chance to process everything including the energy buzz, making me want to go again! Received some lovely comments when played and many were surprised at how far I had travelled alone, with most saying how brave I am.

Really? I suppose so, but didn’t believe it or want to see it that way. Wonder why? Is it due to not having done it all till now? Maybe it is because I still feel nervous, but am more accepting of it, focusing on just getting there, not all the little details that can’t fully anticipate anyway. Maybe certain things previously done, like travel and working at festivals, stays at hostels, all the open mic nights and gigs organised, played or seen have helped me become more used to it all.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, seeing huge buildings in big cities, cosy cafes down the hidden paths, alongside some amazing history and of course brilliant open mic nights.  Yet this said there is stuff missed out, even with shared pictures/ posts across the webs, we do forget what’s behind the scenes. For example, I avoided motorways, networking at certain pubs/ venues later on at night, busking (even though guitar broke a good excuse) or getting an outdoor live clip done. Then there’s the driving, deciding which event to go to, feeling older than those around (wishing done it years ago), complications and expenses with parking or bus choice, location and or room change, event timing confusion and just being tired. All of which takes processing, followed by performing adrenaline which then crashes and adding to further rest needed, but don’t go out of ones way to share that view of it. Or even acknowledge it as it becomes a normal. So does this mean in certain ways I am brave as determined to face stuff my way, yet still too focused on what didn’t do or could have done.

This all said, what has changed is my understanding of perception and am finally willing to admit difficulties even just to myself, seeing individual steps over the daunting leap and avoiding all. Ignoring worries and negative news as when get there, it is different to imagined anyway. Ok sometimes, something doesn’t go to plan, but can always try again (I will definitely get clips and/or busk next time). All the gained experience and knowledge, over putting it off till tomorrow has helped so yeah I therefore have become braver and need to finally believe that. So really there is something we all must do and that is pat ourselves on the back more often, even the small things. Whats okay for one is harder for another, so maybe we are all braver in different ways than realise or acknowlege?

Thanks for reading!

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Belated second half of November explore update!

Mid way still at the Manchester it felt strange as sort of flown yet been ages with so much to take in. I did some more roaming and finally got some spare PJ’s at Aldi, of all places, for £3.90. What a bargain! Still debating which open mic to do feeling torn between Lions Den and The English Lounge I ate some curry. 7pm round and went with 2nd choice walking further, where as soon as in I was just not feeling it. Too much like a pub background vibe, so after sitting for a minute decided stuff it, dash over to original one Lion. Boom all in a room, just for the players and audience, which was truly packed! Ran by Farrow and Friends with feature artist being awesome even though not together long. Thankfully Laura squeezing me on at 10.30pm with lended guitar off player prior got to share my couple songs. So worth the dash in the end, but think need to go with first thought next time. Ahaha

Thursday morn research for a bit at hostel sofa area, but didn’t really want to stay in all day, so face the heavy rain. Opting for the library get to see the history before adding to blog and then go for a treat at Café Nero reading book for a bit. On the night a pre-booked slot at Art of Tea Café open mic, slightly external to Manchester and really worth it. Lovely cosy atmosphere with books, food and of course multiple teas! Finally something different to apple/ orange juice even though had a nice mix of those too.

Friday packed and hit the road, with Huddersfield a stop off, for yet another chilled intriguing route to add up more steps. Followed by quick dash to Tesco, before another nearby park to eat sanny with bit to see, before back on the road and in no time at the Leeds.

Over at the Leeds, parked nearby with 18mins walk in getting first view of the big city, with massive buildings! Seeing areas and venues, with one part very different to the next, so complete loop and head back to car to get to place of stay. Initially chuffed as got in easy with own space including kitchen so chill. Quick nip to shop then to grab bits and cook, before a bit of the laptop research, leading to hunting gig to see instead of an open mic. After which oddly adrenalized, as so much to process, so couldn’t really catch up on sleep. Maybe the urge to buy running shoes means something? Aha.

Saturday morning then round I was still not sure what to do, so continued to flick gigs, coming across Evanescence and Within Temptation. Within an hour of flicking the options, decided on seats and all booked! This meaning best to have bigger lunch and take somat smaller for tea, so nipped out to get essentials and got cooking. Straight away finding out there where issues with the electric autoswitch, so had to get help from owner to put it back on, thankfully managing. Then few minutes of the oven being on it set off the smoke alarm, where when opened felt like stage fog. Ahaaa. Oven switched off, window open and extractor fan on full blast, alarm stopped. FEWWW, the chicken boiled instead and all aok.
Gander time, so head to the city seeing a different side, seeking researched venues including Northern Guitars Cafe Bar, Chemic Tavern and more. Stopped for another Café Nero break to charge phone and read some S&D magazine before over to First Direct Arena. I thought I was early but wowwwwww what a queue of loads in black jackets! Ahaa. Join with a little rain, but it quickly becomes 5 smaller queues, all closer to main door, where get bags and bits out pockets, checked while walking through electronic scanner, before ticket verified and in! I roam a smidge, eat my prepped tea and see others spread out hunting food, drink, merch or loos before heading to designated door queues or seats. In and chill for bit before lights go down and the show began! Over all amazing, with stage presence and powerful voices seeing and hearing great even being towards the back. Although if a massive fan would definitely be closer. Aaaha. In the gaps the staff moved all the essential gear around the stage and was amazing work creating a wicked varied display too!

Sunday round was glad to leave smelly basement room (not going back there) and head to Sheffield. Unfortunately, about 10mins away I catch my wing mirror on another car in the left lane. Carry on as no were to pull over, deciding on sheltered parking, as at least will have cover. Had a brief roam around finding again the multiple areas, with Christmas fair and light get together happening. Back to car and put plastic bag on the back of mirror, taped with guitar tape, before get to place of stay. Russel Scott Backpackers Hostel, but with own room and right next to kitchen, so happily sort stuff and make spag bol. Nommms. Set to go debate the walk or drive again, but it rained just before, so opt for car and really easy, getting over and parked right by it for free. Unfortunately a quiet one tonight they say, but grab my juice and get name down. Overall lovely and they seemed to enjoy my set with arranger booking me as prime slot as featured artist next year. (aka the other day ahah)

Pack up and decide to head to Hardwick National Trust as a break, but £16 to get in which rather do with family, so enjoy brief tree walk and eat banana. Dash back to car as rain hammers down and on way to Nottingham, spotting Carnarvon pub, so park up and in getting long craved burger. Back out and arrive in time to get room, sort stuff out and as still raining real heavy debate how to get to open mic. Check buses nearby and read car park is £5.50 for 4hrs if there after 5.30pm so why not, car will be shetlered and less steps. Head over with prepped go to sanny, park easily and walk round for a bit. Finally time for the Rescue Rooms open mic, where was packed as actually early for a change, yet everyone getting a drink in before gig next door at Rock City. I get first on the list, again to play to only a few people, but was nice to get it out the way as didn’t then need to think of it. Ahaha. Other musicians great, yet felt a lot older at this one, as suppose have done all this at University and thereafter, giving me all the more urge to get next songs out and actual gigs. Back to car, pay for parking and turns out double what thought, yeah £10, so not going there again! Back over ok though and parked nearby, defo ready for camomile and write the journal time.

Tuesday morn got the sniffles, so I focus on the blog around an outside breather and lunch. Then time to venture to the city, but pass on driving and use the bus realising they pass every 6 mins. Walk round hunting veues then chill with guess what a brew at Café Nero, definitely a favourite place it seems and read some more of the book. Time round to grab some KFC belly filler, before over to the open mic at Juice Bar, where it turned out very quiet as just the staff, presenter and 2 people to play. Hey ho I sung, but not great as cold still showing its self, so decide after finished the apple juice to go. Quick nosey at a much bigger open mic in pub passed, but just not feeling it, so walk back and catch up on sleep.

So that’s that. Over to Brum!! I had no idea what was going to do when there, bar meet friend and roam the German Market. Arrive and hunt parking I pre-booked which more awks than thought, but got there third loop attempt. Ahaa. Nice gander and catch up, before over to place of stay. Was a challenge carrying 3 bags and suitcase in the rain, but over and checked in with friendly welcome. Trekking further to kitchen upstairs, yeahhh 4 flights, get food sorted and then back down to room to sort other bits. Rest for a few minutes, with a brew of course before eat and decide on open mic, where closest winning as feel steps adding up. Ahaha. Main one jumping out anyway, so head over to Gunmakers Arms and chat to one person there, a student bass player keen to play tonight. Initially quiet but suddenly loads in and end up playing more than 5 songs, alongside Matilda on the bass. Around all the regular locals got chatting to, one lad sung and said was from London followed by other students showing real talent. After saying one they were going to go to had got cancelled. Aahaa. So over all win win, got filmed and great feedback so defo be back there in the future.

Thursday round message from Roy met yesterday encouraging me to go to the one at Red Lion with B&Ts, so pass some time adding to blog and have lunch, before rain thankfully stopped so had gander around the bits of Brum not yet seen. Mainly shops and pubs wouldn’t go to, but big buildings so my architect eyes loving it. Back, rest a bit and refuel before over to the open mic. The night really chilled, with some more awesome talent including a lady on saxophone which really nice change!

So that’s it for the music explore, swung to see mates at Worchester and Gloucester on the Fri and Sat before heading back home Sunday. Since which, had couple gigs, cold after cold (or more who knows) needing rest, then got snowed in for 10 days (making mom and I remember lock down), having to cancel meeting family, my mates Christmas meal and guitar recording session. Once managed to escape, got to rush the last bits of Christmas shopping before sort of enjoying it. Ahaa. Now refuelled, to do list re wrote and here updated (finally) am excited for 2023!

Half of the music hunt explore.

Once done roaming Wrexham, was over at the Chester and saw old style shops, historical buildings and where the music was at. Firstly tried out Alexander’s (hosted by Minor Key Comedy), where a couple of people said they enjoyed ‘Darkness’, a real oldie, soon to be out. Awesome! Next night, after a nearby hostel walk, I tried out The Saddle (with Berni), which did debate staying at ironically. It has an ace old school rock feel to it, with different sectioned of areas to sit and a pool table room. Ended up playing a game with a couple lads I met, during which they kept suggesting I do a cover, so tried out Paolo Nutini, going down really well. He is a true influence, so will have to re-learn Iron Man!

Two days flying by, checked out and on the road again. I stopped off for scenery hunt at Birkenhead, which confirmed my reason for loving nature and fresh air. Is wonderful to know said places are being kept beautiful and being used!

Once gone 3pm am over at the YHA Liverpool Albert Dock Hostel all parked up, room sorted and stuff out the car. All refreshed, I then cooked and while eating debated which open mic to try out. Went for Lost in Lark Lane a small drive away, but thought be interesting, so over and get a brew. After presenter played I go up and play to two people before other musicians finally turned up (8.30ish). I wasn’t really feeling it, so dashed to one originally thought of, Jimmy’s! Time taken getting back, parking at hostel and walking over I was late on the list, but had chance to see and chat with other musicians. Finally, gone 11pm, setting up my strap unattatches when I adjust the microphone, dropping the guitar and breaking the input. I was lucky they had a second microphone to get more sound and managed to wing it, but definitely realised best to take time no matter in the future. The next day tried to get it fixed, but it takes up to 3 weeks for part to arrive let alone then be fitted. Bummer! Never mind, I will get it sorted when back home. After some lunch, roamed the Albert Dock way where saw some amazing historical buildings and statues. There were mentions of The Beatles left right and centre, which is fair as they were great for their time, but I really wanted to find out about the local original musicians. So research and hunt the city I shall.

Come night time with no open mics on, I roamed passing a busker beat boxer and what felt like hundreds of pubs, with all sorts of covers being played live and loud, one with two people another with thirty. One with girl playing something more original was great and Ma Egertons again true history. More gander came across Erics next to the all famous Cavern Club. Debated nipping in, but couldn’t quite work out if they had up and coming original artists or cover entertainment on, so passed.

Saturday did more roaming and found HMV had a live showcase on when passing, which was okay and Liverpool Arts Bar jumped out a few times so one to keep an eye on. Once chilled there was an open mic at Peacock cafe, but again a bit far out, I debated drive, walk or bus. Going with the later, headed over to stop found, realising last minute it had been cancelled, so decided to do more walking instead. Ironically Cancer Research Shine Night walkers were passing on their mission, so joined them for 15mins. Great to see, then venturing off on different route, I heading out of the city, seeing more beautiful brick buildings, but realise 45mins still to go by which time over probably be too late for a slot, so decided to turn back.

All packed and on the map I find a stop off at Sefton Park with lakes and a brew, before night stay at Warrington, which was a much needed breather from all the hustle and bustle of the city and hostel sharing. After a nap, nipped to the near Waterside Pub for a Sunday roast, before open mic at Hop Co (ran by Amy Rose), a nice venue, with welcoming, chilled atmosphere and ironically someone who had also played on The Lighted Stage open mic during lockdown.

Manchester next on the list, I stopped off at Buile Hill on route. It wasn’t quite as lake orientated, but still a lovely bit of nature, with work being done on the mansion! It be amazing to go back and see when finished.

Finally over at another YHA getting room and stuff all sorted really easy once again. Brief rest and refuel, before heading over to Flour & Flagon (with Michael Webster) arriving just before the rain. This was 7.40pm though, so not able to get on list until around 10.30pm, meaning sign up at 7pm actually followed. Did see some great musicians though, including featured Daniel Darley and Greg Larkin with his amazing guitar patterns, then when played receiving nice feedback. Tuesday I was a bit torn again, but finally decided on The Whiskey Jar, which blew me away! A truly amazing venue with incredible talent, feeling more like a gig in some ways, so no surprise fully booked. Presenter encouraging the audience to listen and give the artists playing the attention deserved, which is fair really when think how much is put in to the material, let alone the motivation to then share on stage. Either way is definitely one to try and book a slot at when ‘Reflection’ EP is out.

This makes it the half way point, even with small hick ups and loads of steps I am so glad to have the chance to do this, seeing some wonderful history and great variety of musicians. While gaining confidence, venue ideas and more.

Thanks Louise

Much awaited update…

“Has been an amazing summer, with numerous gigs including Sloppy Joes, HaverHub, Landed Fest up North, Gelli Aur Country Park supporting The Meadows and The Asylum in Birmingham supporting Conor Michael! Overall making the urge to get further afield stronger than ever, with recordings closer to sharing and ideally a band to actually perform with. One day. 🤞

Blimey wrote that last year…. Yep summer 2021, how is it now November 2022? Time has just flown by, but greatly so, as have been busier in the closer to norm days. Managed to get booked for many more gigs including Little Cwtch Camping, Camper Site, YHA Broadhaven supporting Goodnight Vincent, Yeoman, Camper Jam, St Cannas, Narberth Food Fest and more! Plus continued with Rock Project till Summer and have collaborated with Christopher Laughton testing some duo choices at a few open mic nights. All of which has been a real eye opener, making me crave all the more creativity and travels!

So am all the more excited to see what the next year will bring, especially with recordings having progressed too. I made the time to practice drums and got them laid down to demo guitar and click track, which I could then add official acoustic guitar to much easier! Has taken longer than originally thought as had to get to Cardiff around work, practicing, gigs and sleep, but getting much closer now 2 years on. 😂 Up next is bass additions, with the hope to then get electric guitar and saxophone layers down. Followed by me adding the official vocals, before it all gets mixed and mastered, being ready to share! Saying which, I must get on the marketing prep, merch and book some tour venues ahead.

Reminiscing about how I debated moving to Bristol again in 2019, come October I had to have a sneak, peak, week hunting around (17th – 21st). Staying at The Full Moon Hostel I was close to the city, so could roam around probably doing 30,000+ steps. Saw the various areas, blues jazz music styles, aweseome venues (including Stag and Hounds, The Old Duke, The Cloak and Dagger YooKoo at South Bank Club) and more, with welcoming people, so will defo go back again.

November now round I am actually exploring 9 locations (well 10 if we count seeing a friend in Worchester ahaa), so know where like and am more at ease when do tour touring next year. Feels great getting back on the blog while doing so, starting at first place Wrexham. No open mics unfortunately, but spotted numerous venues including The Rolling Chair, Magic Dragon Brewery, The Parish and Old No7, so will keep an eye on them. Had to get my scalf and hat on as not quite warmist time for outdoors, but yeah that, layers and tea, all good in the hood. 😂 Now still enjoying the Chester with Liverpool up next!

Thanks for feathery support. Louise

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Reflection and motivation

With this year beginning with another stint of what felt like hibernation, I (like many) found it hard to get motivated with future plan plans. So instead I got lost in some chilled creativity, by putting people’s ideas on paper, making bracelets, going for random ganders and jamming new future material. It has been relaxing, assisting with reflection, but have been edging to get on the recording and playing live again!

Come March an opportunity arose to join a chat with all volunteers hoping to assist RadioAber, making me want to get some podcasts and live chat sessions together, but no real luck as little motivation and information to talk about in the current times. Thankfully though, I got to join a couple online open mic nights with The Lighted Stage Music Events where felt the creative buzz again! Where since have steadily uploaded some original songs, recorded live to YouTube, with the aim to do sneak peaks of future tracks.

I then decided to undertake a webinar event with Princes Trust to learn about ways of utilising online to gain traction, within the music industry, which was a real eye opener. Following which, had the chance to do a podcast with Sam Quill to test recording of conversations, but still no real traction, so will be on hold for the time being. Things opening up again though and the ROBOTMONKEYS up for jamming, I finally bought a new drumkit! Since which, we managed to get up North for some recording and are now sharing them steadily. Alongside this I was back at work in Debenhams with the countdown to closure on the 2nd May. Strange times!

Now mid way through 2021, reality has kicked in. I crave to earn a living from music some how or another, over it being on the side lines. So impatiently awaiting for gigs and festivals to go ahead, I have got another live film ‘Come Back’ on YouTube and undertook the opportunity to work with Rock Project Aberystwyth, helping youngsters with vocal warm ups and singing live. Am now feeling real hope that live music events of some sort will be back one way or another, but in the meantime am buzzing as have started recording at Sweet Spot Studio Cardiff. YES there is new material on the way with extra layers, I just can’t wait!
To keep in the know, pop your email below and I will say hello. #rhymes #aha
Thanks for all the feathery support.

Emily Louise at LaTF

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Since the crowdfund.


Blimey time has flown since doing the crowdfund in March, even with all the restrictions. What an odd year ey? I’m still very THANKFUL to all that helped out with sharing, liking and/or investing to get the £150 raised! I know I didn’t get to my bold target of £800, but this doesn’t mean the LP will be any different. I have since been saving, practicing and getting all the more excited to record the 5 songs finally, with planned atmospheric vibes, using various instruments, effects and mutiple vocal layers! 

Looking back to the start of the year (images above) and remembering the buzz, I’m so glad I got to go to the couple open mic nights and gigs before lockdown and like many I’m obviously missing it! Luckily I’ve managed to get a bit of a creative fix, by putting some films together over at Window View playlist. If fancy a watch, teddies in Mistress will appreciate it loads and Faded Away got shared on rotorvideos monthly playlist so it must be good right? 🙂 

Since which, I have found joy helping out with the poly tunnel of fresh salad, veggies and more, done phone quizzes and continued the doodling. Then I finally had the chance to play again, testing my memory and voice. Got to fill a slot alongside Isobel at quiet yet lovely Bwlch Bychan Festival and then met a few mates and jammed out some songs in Carmarthen Park Lodge thanks to Andy. Alongside this, I’ve uploaded a couple clips of me practicing on Louise and The Feathers, which led to finally doing a live stream getting some adrenaline and great feedback. But yeah still not quite live LIVE.

So more recently, I have been reading about the ways to get immediate response when songs are shared. It included the benefits of social media, ways of getting photography, press releases, blogs and radio slots alongside booking gigs and the real importance of a mailing list. Am so excited to get this all underway and once have the songs studio recorded, mixed and mastered, it will be all the more real. I aim to have ‘Reflection’ across the various platforms asap and hopefully some gigs booked, so can see each other face to face and enjoy music proper LIVE again, even if still have to maintain distance. In the mean time I will do social media updates and try get on mailchip emails. If want to be first to know please join below.

Thanks! Stay safe. Emily Louise Farr.

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Window View EP


  Am so pleased to say Window View EP is now fully up on numerous platforms. It symbolises the idea of looking out and imagining a dream, but can’t quite reach it. For me this is the creation and sharing of my songs, which I’m finally ready to do. The tree then adds an idea of deep roots, steady growth and branches (aka paths leading to various connections, locations and opportunities). Currently with the leaves fallen, which links to the idea of second chances as they have added to the soil more knowledge and strength for future vision.
If would like an actual CD (£4.50) with wonderful Stickerapp decoration and signature, please just drop me an email at or message on facebook page.

Window View EP

No messing around though, as have so many songs and am uber keen to get another EP out. This time called ‘Reflection’ with FIGHT IT, MILL POND (written by George Sandifer-Smith), FIGURE IT OUT (written by Wendy),  SUPER WOMAN and DARKNESS recorded at a studio with full band vibe. Am now crowdfunding too, so you can be a part of making it all the more awesome with gift, gigs and giggles to share!
Can find out more and help out here;…-ep-reflection


Emily Louise Farr



So I have finally believe and want to give sharing my songs a go! Revisiting early written originals (in 2017), I decided to start a fresh using my middle name “Louise” representing the roots of my music passion, alongside “and the feathers” linking to spiritual perspectives, a love of nature and the hope to fly sharing feathers of inspiration. Having better feedback than ever imagined, at various open mics, numerous gigs and the tad bit of busking I’m extremely excited to do more! Rich Tea Biscuit will be the latest single to be added to “Through the Window” EP, so keep an eye out on these to be updated:
 Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube / Bandcamp

pic revealing

“Using my middle name Louise, representing the root of passion for music and words.
Now with the aim, to create songs that will hopefully share like tweeting birds. Opening the cage, showcasing the rage, for all to engage, aiming to inspire and create a fan base of feathered herds.”


#LaTF  Emily Louise Farr